Top 50 Birthday Wishes for Sister with Beautiful Images


Happy birthday to my sister. Be sure to congratulate your sister on her birthday. Here are 50 beautiful and unique birthday wishes for share your sis.

Let the heart of your sister be happy, by a great way of wishing her birthday with splendid words.

There are millions of girls in this world, but you haven't any blood relation with them, because this is only a relation of blood Which let your heartbeat for your sister.

Sisters are marvelous creature, because they are not only your soulmate, they are playmate too, sometimes they weep for you and at another time they make you weep bitterly, they can bear a slap on their face for you and sometimes they slap you on your face.

Sometime they remain hungry to feast your hunger, and at another time they are not ready to give you your own share.

Sometime they make you feel that you are the only luckiest girl in the world, but at another time they fight as severely as an enemy fighter.

You sister may be the worst dream for an enemy, but she is the best person for you. so, make her birthday so special because she is so special for you.

Wishing your sister her birthday is not a time-taking activity. it’s an act of sprinkling your love and telling her that how much she meant for you.

Birthday wishes are the most heart enchanting words, which are read with a delightful smile on the face. so, send your sister, heartfelt wishes to make her happy.

Let her smile and make her day happiest day of the year.

Here are 50 beautiful and unique birthday wishes for sisters that have been used so beautifully in the images. You can wish your sister using any of these wishes.

Birthday Greetings for Sister 01

01. Sweet sister! You are a costly pearl for me, and I always pray to God to make you happy and blessed. Stay blessed dear sister happiest birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 02
02. It's the time to wish a girl who lives in my heart, who sleeps on my shoulder, who shares my each and everything from a beautiful dress to lipstick, who is my best friend. happy birthday to my younger sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 03

03. Some people have unique importance. sometime they act like a great boon, and at another time, they become a sweet bane. you are one of them. happiest birthday dear sister, dear boon and sweet bane.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 04

04. Dear Sister! Rainbow has only six or seven colors but my sister! God has emerged all the colors of the world in your personality. may you have blessed with countless blessings. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 05

05. Every home has two super powers, one is the head of family, means father and second is the youngest daughter. and today I am supposed to wish the second supper power of our home, my sweet and naughty sister. happy birthday my sweet girl. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 06

06. Dear sister! As you are growing old you are becoming magnificently wise and gorgeous. happiest birthday my gorgeous and wise lady. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 07

07. Sisters are like clouds, sometime they become crazy and wild and sometime they cover all our mistakes and make us happy. happy birthday dear sister. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 08

08. Sister! Your heart is so pure that It can't be overpowered with the forces of evil and malice. may your heart always be pure and perfect. happy birthday my girl.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 09

09. Dear sister! You are as important in my life as sun is in super system, I can't live without you as atom can't stand without nucleus. stay blessed, and stay on my side. Happy birthday. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 10

10. Dear sister! Whenever I see you, you seem as lovely as the Juliet of Shakespeare is, you are as kind as the heart of mother, and as brave as the heart of lioness. Happiest birthday my dear sister my tigers. 
Birthday Wishes for Sister 11
11. Happiest birthday to a girl who has very bossy nature and has a classy personality. happiest birthday to the brilliancy of our home. Happy birthday my elder sister.
Birthday Wishes for Sister 12
12. Dear sister! Today is the luckiest day for me because today I was blessed with an angle like sister. You are the spring season of my life. happy birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 13

13. Today is a magnificent day because today Almighty Allah selected you to be my sister, and send you to share your love, laughter and tears with me. happy birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 14

14. Sister you know Allah's blessings have covered my life. you are a prodigious gift of Almighty. I Wana grow old with you. happiest birthday sweetest girl of the world. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 15

15. Today is your day and I wish you to receive the uncountable blessings of Almighty Allah. May the sun of your luck shine brightly, may the light of moon enlighten your soul. happy birthday.  
Birthday Wishes for Sister 16
16. Dear girl! You have the heart of tigers to fight against evil, have an eye of eagle, to watch what is going on, and have a strong fist to stop the devilish things. Happy birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for sister 17

17. Dear! You know am a tea addicted girl and am writing my heartfelt wishes having a strong cup of tea. you are like a strong cup of tea for me, I can't stand and work without tea, similar to this, I can’t imagine a life without your presence. stay on my part. Happy birthday dear.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 18

18. Dear sister! Dream are really costly and they are meant to be fulfilled, on this birthday I wish all your dream be fulfilled. Happiest birthday my doll.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 19

19. Dear sister! You are my fruit chat, because you have the sweet flavour of bananas and melons, sourness of grapes and lemons, redness of watermelon and have the yellow pulp of mango. your are the best girl of the world. Happy birthday. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 20

20. Dear Cuckoo bird! You have a multi-dimensional personality. sometime you are as sweet as the song of coco bird, sometime you become a fighter jet and angry bull, sometime you become as sweet and wise as Ibn ul Arbi (R. A) was. but I love all the dimensions of your personality. Hhappy birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 21

21. A sister is like a rainbow. She has a lot of sweet colours in her personality. You are my rainbow, and I love all the dim and bright colours of your personality. A lot of love for you. happy birthday. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 22

22. Sisters have the properties of diamond. They are truly colorful on one hand, and have decent and modest look on the other hand. happy birthday my diamond.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 23

23. You seem like mother but you are not so, you seem like a boss but you are not, you seem like a Trainer and you are, you have strict rules and regulations and I love them all because I love you so much. Happiest birthday dear to my bossy sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 24

24. Dear elder sister! Today is your birthday and I Wana wish you in your style. may you be the mother of great warriors of Islam, may you be the grandmother of the followers of Hazrat Abu Bakar (R. A) and Hazrat Umar (R. A). may you be the proud of many generations. stay blessed happy and healthy. Happy Birthday. 

Birthday Wises for Sister 25

25. God has created ladies with undecipherable love, unspeakable compassion and unbelievable dignity. May you be the luckiest lady of the world. Happy birthday day my sweet girl.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 26

26. Dear sister! May you blessed with a voice and tongue to raise the words of sublimity of Rasool-e-Khuda (P. B. U. H). And may your hands get the strength to fight against the evil forces. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 27

27. Dear queen! Today I wish to God to overwhelmed your heart with the love of humanity, to overflow your soul with the wisdom of world, to overabundance your brain with knowledge, to overbear your enemies and to overlook all your misdeeds and sins. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 28

28. Dear Doll! Today you came to this world to share your laughter and tears with me in this world. And I Wana make this day magnificent for you because, you made it so for me. So, let us celebrate your birthday. Happiest birthday my doll.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 29

29. Whenever someone hurt me you become my support system. whenever someone misguide me, you become the leader and torch bearer and whenever someone make my eyes full of tear, you become my friend and remove all my tears with an emotional hug. thanks, buddy, for everything. Happy birthday dear.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 30

30. Dear sister! Dear sister! I had so many words, when I planned to write heart felt greetings for you but now, I have rejected all those words because words become dwarf to explain your charismatic personality. Happy birthday dear queen.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 31

31. Life is full of unspeakable and unimaginable hardships, difficulties, sufferings and sorrows. But I pray to God to ease your all hardships and make your life worth living. Happy birthday sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 32

32. Today I invited the stars and moon to celebrate your birthday and they accepted my invitation. stars are ready to shine, and moon is ready to shine brightly and wish you a classy birthday so my little doll! Please get up and receive our wishes. Happiest birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 33

33. Dearest sister! Am the luckiest girl of the world having lovely sister like you. You are not only my sister but also an energy drink for me. Happiest birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 34

34. Whenever I read Wasif Ali Wasif I felt that you are as relational as great Urdu philosopher Wasif Ali Wasif was, and whenever I get the lucky chance to read Ishfaq Ahmad, great dramatist and philosopher, I realized that you are as kind and humane as Ishfaq Ahmad was. stay relational stay humane. Happy birthday dear sister. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 35

35. Dearest sister! You are great therefore, it's the time to greet a great soul. you have the patience of a leader, delicacies of a red rose and grandiose of a mother. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 36

36. Sometime a sister's love seems as the last drought of water in sahr time and at another time, her kindness and compassion become as soul satisfying as the first drop of water at aftar time. Happy birthday lovely sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 37

37. Sister is really a sweet word because, whenever I pronounce this word, I feel deliciousness of this word. Happy birthday sweet.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 38

38. Today I get up to wish a special person. who is dearest one? she is the light and glamour of my eyes, peacefulness and calm of my heart, and strength of my body. she is my younger sis. Happiest birthday to mini atom bomb.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 39

39. Dear sister! You have recently completed your master degree, and today is a special day for you, today I have a hidden treasures of wishes for you in my heart, may you get as much wisdom as your knowledge is, may you blessed with a lucky chance to benefit the society with your degree, Happiest birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 40

40. Dear sister! You are a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Because sometime you become as soul satisfying as the dewdrops of morning and sometimes you become as rash as the gust of high wind, and sometime you become as kind as the pack of summer clouds. I Wana say I love your different colours personality.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 41

41. You have a melodious voice like a Cuckoo bird, have a naughty nature like a sparrow and more than this you have brave heart like a lioness. Happy birthday my lioness, my sister. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 42

42. Dear sister! You are as beautiful as the verses of surah Rahman, and your heart seems as pure as the dream of Hazrat Yousif (A. S). stay pure and beautiful. Happiest birthday to you. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 43

43. Sweet sister! Sometime you seem as sublime and classy as the work of Jhon Milton, and at another time you become as unimaginable as the sonnets of Jhon Donne. Happiest birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 44

44. Dear fairy! Am a literature lover and you seem to me a piece of literature? sometime you be the sonnets of Shakespeare, sometime you become the prose of Bacon. I adore all the colours of your persona. may you live very long. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 45

45. Today is a special day for you, and today I wish you to get the purity of Fatima tu Zahra (R. A), and may you live under the Cascade of mother of all Muslims Hazrat Aysha (R. A). Happy birthday sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 46

46. My gorgeous lady! You are getting more and more humble, calm and classy with the passage of time. I don't think so you are growing old, you are becoming magnificently friendly. Stay blessed my lovely lady.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 47

47. In this world some people are the true mirrors of our personalities. They look like us, they think like us, they predict like us, they handle the things like we do. so today am gonna wish my soulmate, the mirror of my personality my dear sister. happiest birthday dear soulmate. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 48

48. Dear sister! Sisters are as naughty and sweet as sparrows are. They fight with each other, snatch each other eatable things, but can’t live without each other. happiest birthday dear sparrow. 

Birthday Wishes for Sister 49

49. Today I got up and started to count the blessings of Almighty Allah. I felt the morning breeze, heard the chipping of birds, watched beautiful home, having magnificent garden and when I saw you my heart was overwhelmed with the passion of gratitude. thanks to Almighty for blessings me with a precious gift. Happy birthday Sister.

Birthday Wishes for Sister 50

50. Dear sister! Today is a special day. And toady I wana tell you that my faith on you is your sword. my trust on you is your shield and my love for you is a crown of honor for you. Happiest birthday sweet sister.

Dear Sister! When you entered in my life, I was a boy having four-year age, but at that time I had a heart full of love for you, my little angel! I heard that sister is a blessing, since that day I have been treating you like a precious gift, because you are great gift for me from heaven. you are angel but some time you become witch when you weep, cry loudly and raise a Strom on a tea cup. but I neither mind it nor hate you, because I can’t. you have the right to fight, to scold, to snatch everything I have. But I am your best friend ever. I just wanna see a beautiful smile in your shining eyes. Happy Birthday my supper power.

Dear princess! I have never seen any angle, nore any fairy, but I can feel the sweetness of a fairy and compassion of an angle from you. you are my fairy, you are my angel, happy birthday dear.

My Brave sister! Toady is the 27 night of Ramadan and toady is your birthday. May you get all the purities and loftiness and grandiose of this night, may all your prayers be accepted, may the decision of your victorious life should be made, may you get the nearness of Hazrat Fatima tu Zhra (R. A) in heaven. happy birthday dear lady.

Dear sister! Today is a special day. And toady I wana tell you that my faith on you is your sword. my trust on you is your shield and my love for you is a crown of honor for you. happiest birthday sweet sister. 



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Poetry Wishes: Top 50 Birthday Wishes for Sister with Beautiful Images
Top 50 Birthday Wishes for Sister with Beautiful Images
Happy birthday to my sister. Be sure to congratulate your sister on her birthday. Here are 50 beautiful and unique birthday wishes for share your sis.
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